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Teaching as Delight (2)

   I have worked with many subjects, and with many students, from nursery school into graduate school.  As I have studied “teaching people,” I have learned that the “who-being-taught” is always more important than the “what” that is being taught to them; and that the one result to look for, in all of us, at every point in the process, is delight. 
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Teaching as Delight

  I got my first assignment as a teacher when I graduated from high school at sixteen years old and was asked by my pastor to prepare a ten-year old girl for her first communion.   I was scheduled to enter St. Charles Seminary as a college freshman that fall.  Maybe this was in some way a “suitability test,”
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Poems to Model With (2)

  The third poem is one I especially like to use when posing along with a person I am particularly fond of.   I have used this working with several different people in different situations, so the fondness is different each time.  The poem is by E.E. Cummings.

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Real Relationships

 Over the past weeks my wife, Beth, and I have watched a few movies which portrayed relationships of various kinds.  Three of these movies are classic triumphs:  To Kill a Mocking Bird, with Gregory Peck; John Huston’s exposition of James Joyce’s The Dead, and Humphrey Bogart and Katherine Hepburn in The African Queen. 
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Life-Modeling as a Business and an Art

Life-Modeling as a Business and an Art: Workshop Description

    For many years, people who work as models for artists and for artist groups have been expected to rely on self-training.  To be more accurate, models are expected to work purely from their “natural talent” for modeling.  To be most accurate, neither training nor talent has been a consideration for models at all.  These expectations are inaccurate, and offer disservice to art, to artists, and above all to models.  Good modeling is a profession, and—as in other professions—the greater the talent and the fuller the learning, the better the modeling is.
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