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What if/when you decide to stop being a model…

A) Expect a lot of people, who have worked with you, or have looked forward to working with you, to be very disappointed. B) Expect to miss it yourself; leave yourself reasonably open to occasional modeling in the future, for people you really like. C) Maintain social contacts with models and artists who now work with you; continue making use of opportunities for clothes – optional recreation. D) Keep references to your work as a model in your standard Resume; hold on to your modeling portfolio: for the sake of Memory, personal references for other jobs, mementos for your Family, and lovely pictures of you to look at yourself, and to share with others.

Insurance Plans

People working on their own may have difficulty affording insurance.  Most self-employed workers are able to deduct their health insurance premiums from their Federal taxable income, providing them with tax savings.  Most states also offer similar tax preferences.  The following websites may offer places to start in finding information about coverage, affordability and proposed changes.
Health Insurance Resource Center offers consumer information on affordable health and medical coverage.
National Association of Socially Responsible Organizations (NASRO), “an innovative group and individual health insurance provider and administrator, that is both a service provider and an advocate for non profits, small business, and individuals.”
Artists Health Insurance Resource Center offers an “unbiased database of health care resources for artists, performers, freelancers and the self-employed.”
HealthReform.Gov,  a government sponsored website offering a weekly status update on the Obama administration Health Reform Plan.