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30. Forming a Group

Artists are more likely to call on a model when they know you can
be reached, and are sure to turn up yourself, or arrange for a
substitute, if you aren’t available. Get in touch with other models;
make sure that one or more will be willing to trade off assignments
with you. An artist or workshop may be able to help you develop such
a group, or find one that is already in existence near you. Make sure
that one person within your association will be able to take
assignments and distribute them (that person should be paid), or share
the cost of an answering service. Once you arc part of an association
of this sort, list it on your resume.

Model associations of this sort already exist in many areas. If
one exists, it is usually good to join it, rather than to start a new

31. Practising Together

Modeling is a performing art; usually it is a lonely one. As with
acting, singing, and dancing, however, it can he improved by group
attention. Even solo performers work with teachers, do recitals
together, and watch each other work. This has not been a practise
with models before, chiefly – I think – because we have not properly
recognized that it could he valuable. Please email me if you are
interested, at , or print out the
workshop information form linked here, and mail it to me.

32. Social Contacts

Modeling brings a person, naked, into public contact with other
people, all of whom are clothed. The discrepancy between clothedness
and nakedness sets up an artificial separation which tends to be
continually jarring. Some models counteract the jarring effect of
this discrepancy by developing social contacts at nudist resorts or at
clothes-optional recreation sites (usually pools and beaches) where
nakedness is shared instead of isolated, social nudity is far more
different from nudity for modeling than people often recognize. It is
a useful adjunct, rather than a substitute for, professional
preparation. For more information contact The Naturist Society (P.O.
Box 132, Oshkosh, Wisconsin, 54902), or email me for
names of local groups or personal contacts in your area.