Modeling for Miniatures

This post was written following a workshop on sculpting miniatures taught by Paris Alexander at The Artspace in Raleigh, NC in Summer 2010.
“I have three of you on my kitchen table in blue.”  Over the last month I have been having a new experience:  I have been making clay sculptures of two people:  three of a woman, and two of a man:  both of whom I have drawn pictures of before.
Making a miniature offers the same problem that making a monument does, though it does so in reverse:  how can I change the size of a sculpture and maintain its intensity? 

When I am making more than one sculpture based on the modeling of the
same person, I must also make sure that I find the real similarities and
real differences in the way that person works, so that my figures will
reflect both; being themselves reflections rather than imitations.  Does
this work?  No, it is something I must always try again.