Save Stored Energy Until We Need It

There is a strong behavioral tradition, sometimes considered religious, sometimes considered “mystical”:  it always involves singing, dancing, prayer, until you get yourself worn out.  At that point, you ought to be healed.   “Tradition” is key: different traditions for different cultures, all of which indicate:
We have to work as hard as we can until we are worn out.
We have to recognize that, on our own, we haven’t succeeded.
We have to ask for help.
God will help us.  There’s Armageddon. 

Dance, sing and pray, altogether, for healing is what happens for the
whirling dervishes, in the tarantella, in Alcoholics Anonymous
celebrations, and in similar Hindu, Buddhist and Confucian celebrations.
All I can do is, by definition, never enough.  God has to do it to me,
in me and for me – so that the healing is really in me, and can be
passed by God through me into others. 

(This post was written for Mike Kilmer, creator of this website and
co-author, with his wife Rivka, of the musical “Joys of Armageddon”.)