15. When Not to Continue With an Artist or Workshop

After you begin to work with an artist, you can usually tell vei
quickly – often within the first session – whether you wish to work
there again.  Refuse to take part again:

A)  If your rights are not respected.

B)  If the individual or group does not take the session

seriously (sometimes people are “too busy” with conversatior
to concentrate on art work).

C)  If you feel that, for some reason, your professional or
personal reputation may suffer through continued

D)  If you’d rather not do it, for any reason.

E)  When you are subjected to sexual or other harassment.  In a
situation of this sort, leave immediately, without waiting
for the end of the session, or even for the end of the pose.
Send a sharp note with your bill (the bill should be for
the full session), and be prepared to report the event to
the police, if it is serious.  This reporting is your
obligation to yourself, and to other models.

Situations like this are very rare, but they can arise.  Every
model should be aware of them, and be prepared for appropriate