Modeling and Sexuality (1)

Many people are concerned about modeling and sexual expression.  For
many years I worried about this, even after I started modeling, and I
still recognize it, in myself and in others, as a disturbing event. 
Where sexual interest becomes evident in a modeling situation, it can be
difficult to temper so that it does not interrupt the artistic
environment.  In every culture since humanity began, our two chief
interests in other individuals has been loving them or fighting them: 
loving them to the point of conception, and fighting them to the point
of death.  Not surprisingly, our best art, music and literature has
embodied, nourished and celebrated these realities in our own individual
lives and in the history of our world.   We may find it surprising to
see a scroll of two Shinto warriors, each with an erection higher than
his head, or to see a statue of the Hindu goddess Kali with her baby
sitting in her open womb to bless us with a lotus flower; but this is
the way that artists in different cultures have found to summarize their
understanding of the lives we really lead.  They belong in our
consciousness, conscience, and memory as a part of what we are.