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Hugh Kilmer, the author of Modeling for Life Drawing died in 2015.  Except for certain sections, e.g. “The Modeling Business,” most of it remains relevant and comes from a deep core of respect for life drawing and for modeling.  The website will no longer accept comments, but the original book remains for your interest and enjoyment.  –Beth Kilmer

“It’s good to be me.” Sarah Skinner

Today is February 1, 2010, a number of years after I and some friends finished writing this book, and 22 years after it was copyrighted and published. My wife, Beth, and I have re-examined it carefully over the past months to see if there were places where I might need to update it. A lot has happened, in fields related to art, to modeling and to publishing over the last twenty years, and it would not have been surprising to discover that this book needed changes to meet current needs. I still think it should stay the way it is, excepting certain practical issues like fees and contact information. As far as I can see, what I have written covers the moral and practical principles that artists and models need to follow in carrying out their working relationships. That relationship, at its finest (see “The Artist – Model Relationship,” in About MfLD) is a relationship of love. Where love between artist and model is appropriate, it is attuned to their love for other people and their interest in other activities and other things.
I believe that drawing the nude figure is fundamentally a celebration of humanness, including sexuality: sexuality that is good, beautiful and holy. This is a textbook for models and artists to help us in this celebration.
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