The Artist-Model Relationship

Standards for appropriate relationships between artists and models are usually expected to follow the first approach described above: models and artists are advised to maintain a “professional” distance from each other, for fear that they might allow a personal attraction which develops to become, suddenly and uncontrollably, a sexual one. There are cases, even well-known ones, of times when this has happened – but spelling out the possibility shows that it needs no more care in this relationship than it does in any other. Prudence belongs in any developing relationship.

Where model and artist find the second approach to life drawing more appropriate, they begin with their relationship as a personal one, with the development of art as one of its primary purposes. Such a relationship can grow in all sorts of directions (as other relationships grow); it can change in its nature, or dissolve – as other relationships do. Even in its strict sense of being people working with each other it can be exciting, fascinating, a source of intense personal growth, and a fountainhead for marvelous art. A good working relationship reaches its highest value, both personal and productive, when it grows into a relationship of people working together with love.