One thought on “Model Release Form

  1. personally, I think that the death of the model should not render the contract null. I believe that if a model does not want nude or semi- nude photos put forth for the public, then the artist/photographer should respect the wishes of the model. however, in the event of the death of the model, the family should be contacted if possible and an agreement about the use of said images should be in place before the pictures are used. any monetary or compensatory agreements should be honored. there have been too many posthumous “marilyn” and “anna nicole” photos over the years. I am an artist/photography model and I do not want anyone using my image ever in a method that was not explicitly stated in the contract, exception being a retrospect of the artist/photographer’s work. I do not allow photographs of myself to be taken without my permission. I own my image, it may not be copyrighted, but there are privacy laws and I will invoke them. so, if I use a release, I will make sure that both of us are agreeing on length of time, how the photos are used and where they are displayed, ie, gallery, book or internet. that is my two cents.

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