27. Interview

It is usually wise to arrange an interview, at least by phone,
when you are preparing to work with an individual or a group.  This
will initiate personal contact, and provide time for negotiating
details regarding a session.  If the interview is direct, be sure to
bring your resume and portfolio, once you have them prepared.  Make
sure that you become familiar with the scope of your particular
contract; make sure that your own rights are covered in it.

Even in a phone interview, be sure that you make certain requirements of your own clear, and that some particular requirements
made by your employer are also clear.  Here are some examples:

A)  What is the hourly rate of pay, and when and how will that
pay be provided (cash, check, once a month, at the session,
and such like).

B)  Is modeling to be totally nude, or may you be required to
wear a posing strap (male G-string) or a leotard?  If you
distinctly prefer to pose nude, it is helpful – and often
persuasive – to say so in advance.

C)  Ask whether contracts are made session by session or on a

longer-term basis (e.g. by the month, or several sessions in
a day).  This will allow for better planning, and better
decisions as to whether a contract is worth your time.

D). Ask whether you should provide a replacement in case of
emergency, or whether they would prefer to provide their
own replacements.  If they agree to let you provide your
own replacement, ask if they prefer a replacement of your
own sex, or whether the choice is completely up to you.

E)  Bring your portfolio; do not offer a “nude demonstration”.
Such demonstrations should be explained if they are
requested, especially if you have your portfolio.  Make up
your own mind as to the appropriateness of a request.

Though it may seem surprising, a phone interview is usually
enough for a model and an artist to “size each other up”.  If it is,
still try to arrive early at your first session (by pre-arrangement),
and bring your portfolio, for purposes of discussion.