21. Furniture and Appliances

A)  If the room is at all chilly, you ought to have a heater; afan may be appropriate in hot weather.  If you can’t get warm enough, put on a few clothes for posing: things will change.

B)  There should be a wide, sturdy model stand, with a soft rug
on it.  This brings the visual and mechanical center (the
pubic area) of a standing model more or less level with the
eyes of a seated artist, and allows comfortable reclining

C)  There should be a sturdy chair for you to sit on or rest

D)  There should be enough light from outdoors or indoors so that
the artist can see the model clearly; that light should not
shine in anyone’s eyes.

E)  There should be an easily visible clock, and/or a wind-up
timer, so you can easily measure length of poses.