2. Model’s Rights

2.  What Models Should Consider Their Rights at Drawing Sessions

A)  Personal respect.

B)  Adequate payment (about fifteen to twenty dollars an hour, in the area of
Raleigh, NC in 2010): negotiations should be completed
before a session starts.

C)  No photograph will be taken without advance notice to and
agreement of the model.

D)  No photograph will be exhibited or submitted for publication
without the model’s consent, written and witnessed (see
sample model release form. Appendix D).

E)  Studio must be physically comfortable (heat, bathroom,
furniture, cleanliness).

F)  Reasonable posing requirements (length of poses, length of
session, length and frequency of breaks).

G)  Sessions will not last beyond scheduled time.

H)  Care in regard to physical contact.  Touch may be proper or
may be improper; an “impersonal” touch – because it is
impersonal – is basically improper, under any circumstances,
and demands apology.  Ordinarily, permission should be
asked for any direct touch.  The request with its acceptance,
makes the touch personal.

I)  Payment on a reasonable, and previously agreed, schedule.